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Most of us come into contact with people needing love and support all the time. It’s one thing to see a need, it’s another thing to do something about it. Thanks for taking the time to care. To learn more click below to submit a nomination for Dollar Club. 

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God gave first, and gave best. When we grasp that truth, we cannot help but be changed. Our outlook on life changes. Every mile we walk with Jesus, we become more cheerful and generous like Him.  This change in us leads to change in others. Our family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers experience God’s power and love. Orphans and widows, both here and abroad, have their physical needs met. The homeless, both here and abroad, get food and clothing. The hopeless, both here and abroad, hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. We make the leap of faith to tithe and trust God to provide. You can make a great difference in our community and in our world through your faithful and generous giving.