GOAL: To introduce people to Jesus through our stories of meeting Jesus and to inspire others to tell their story. Our community needs to be having Jesus conversations now.


  • Length 2-3 minutes

  • Choose a room/location with lots of natural light that is quiet and uninterrupted by other members of your household. 

  • Please prop and angle your device, do not do a hand held recording unless someone is recording for you. 

  • Film horizontally not vertically (Phone side to side not up and down)

  • Try to angle the device straight on, we don't need to be looking up your nose 🙂 haha Do not sit too far away, we need to be able to hear you.

  • Language: We are going for absolute authenticity. We want to hear your individualized answers but answering the same questions. You can write out your thoughts beforehand, but don’t read or recite it. Make this conversational and genuine.


How to frame your story (Excerpts from Week 9 in the Rooted Experience):

  • Introduction (Your name and a sentence or two about who you are)

  • Your Story “Before”

    • What was going on in your life before you learned about and  met Jesus?

    • Where did you find purpose or what were your goals in life?

  • Meeting Jesus

    • I first learned that Jesus died for me when…

    • I decided to make Jesus my savior and put him in charge of my life when…

      • Consider including a sentence or two about your baptism.

  • Your Story “After”

    • How has Jesus made a difference in your life?

    • How has his forgiveness impacted you?

    • What has changed in your relationships with others?

  • Finish with, “Thanks for listening to my story of how I met Jesus.”


  • Upload it to Google Drive HERE

  • Text Matt 513-739-1976 with any questions

  • These videos may be posted to our social media platforms or used in our weekend services.