Parkside Partnerships

The people of Parkside are committed to leading people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus. We partner with Christian workers in 20 international efforts and 8 local/stateside efforts who are committed to that as well. These partnerships involve prayer, onsite visits and financial support that comes through designated missions giving from people like you.

Our Mission Partners

Parkside works with and financially supports both local and global mission partners. Please join us as we support and pray for these missions. To receive regular updates from our partners, contact Bridget Phillips. Some partner names and specific locations are withheld for reasons of safety and security.


Serving Unreached Cultures – virtually no Christian witness is found in these cultures

  1. Workers serving a people group from the Horn of Africa
  2. Southeast Asia -
  3. Paul and Rickie Clark – Osaka, Japan
  4. Andrey- Central Asia
  5. Workers serving people in Indonesia
  6. Mondi and Fioralba Gjioni – Elbasan & Gostime, Albania
  7. Simmi Dhingra – Punjab, India
  8. Lynn and Ruby Johnston – Jeremiah House – Kyrgyzstan

Serving cultures with a greater percentage of Christians among them

  1. Earl and Ruth Haubner – Brazil
  2. Gail McMonigle- The Miriam Center in St. Louis du Nord, Haiti.  Click here for more information. Find on Facebook, Click Here.
  3. Pino and Evelina Neglia – Lecce, Italy
  4. Ryan and Erin VandeLinde – Dominican Republic
  5. Larry and Diana Owen – Haiti

Agencies with extended influence in large global regions

  1. TCI – Kherson, Ukraine with reach into Central Asia- Click here for more information
  2. TCM – Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  3. Good News Production, Intl. – Global Outreach
  4. Lori Murwin – New International



Every community has children and families at a point of crisis. CarePortal is a connection point, bringing together needs and those who care and want to take action. Delivering/donating furniture and other resources to foster families, and families in need is much more difficult in this season. Learn more about CarePortal by clicking here!

Christian Outreach and Wellness Ministries

Serving the East End/Columbia-Tusculum neighborhoods for over 30 years is the Christian Outreach and Wellness Ministries. Visit their website by clicking here.

Justice Ministry

Conducting worship services in local correctional facilities two Sundays a month. For volunteer opportunities, contact Glenn Corson.

Life Forward (Pregnancy Care of Cincinnati)

A life-affirming organization that exists to strengthen families with pregnancy related concerns. Visit to get involved!

Lightshine Ministry

Contact Kim Orlemann to find out ways to serve.

Youth Evangelism

  1. Woodland Lakes Christian Camp –
  2. Christ In Youth (National and International influence)
  3. National Network of Youth Ministry. Visit for more information or email Stan Elder to find ways you can encourage a local youth minister.
  4. Mount Washington Elementary - email Ilene Hayes for ways to support local schools and their families in this time.

Christian Village Communities (Christian Village at Mt. Healthy & Christian Village at Mason)

This is a great opportunity for families of all ages. Residents cannot have visitors at this time, but they can still get mail. Color a picture, write a card, or share a favorite Bible verse! Visit for more information, or send mail to one of these addresses.

Other meaningful ways to share God's love:

Making Masks

Help our neighbors and community in this season by providing them with a mask. To learn more about how to make masks, contact Sherri Crossett.

Prayer Drives and Prayer Walks
Grab your favorite worship playlist, pick a neighborhood or area, and spend time praying for that community as you go through it. For tips, pointers, or encouragement in this contact Kim McBeath.

Sidewalk Chalk Art
Simple. Easy. Creative. Affordable. Grab some chalk and channel your inner Mary Poppins by creating some Sidewalk Art. Include Bible Verses and other words of encouragement!


Email if you have any questions or want to get involved!