In this uncharted season, Back2Back Cincinnati is resourcing students and their families as they strive toward sustainability. Healthy meals, educational resources, and connection with safe adults are keys to empowering families toward success at home. Here is a list of items you can provide to support local families. Parkside will be hosting a drop off time Wednesday, May 27th, 11 am-1 pm. When you arrive, please pull under the overhang and unload your donations onto the cart provided. Then a minister will bring the cart into Parkside. If someone is unloading in front of you, please wait in your car until they are finished. Also to help keep the church building clean we ask that only the Parkside Staff enter the building. We look forward to seeing you!

1. Personal hygiene products (hand soap, toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, feminine products)

2. Cleaning supplies (dish soap, sponges, cleaning solution, laundry detergent)

3. Power packs

  • Breakfast bars (cereal bars, granola bars, Quaker breakfast squares, Pop Tarts)- 2 boxes
  • Boxes of pasta- 2 boxes
  • Pasta sauce- 2 jars
  • Hot Sauce (1 bottle)
  • Ramen Noodles (6pack)
  • Rice- 1 16oz bag of rice, OR, 2 packages of instant rice
  • Beans- 2 cans of beans (black or kidney)
  • Soup cans- 2 cans of any variety
  • Mac n Cheese- 2 boxes
  • Peanut butter- 1 jar
  • Jelly- 1 jar
  • Loaf of bread- 1
  • Snacks (Pretzels, Goldfish or Cheez-its, Hot Fries, Gripos) 
  • Fruit snacks
  • Canned peaches/pears- 4 cans of assorted fruits
  • Applesauce- 1 jar of classic
  • Canned green beans/ corn/ carrots- 4 cans of assorted veggies
  • bottled water case, 24ct