Into The wild: Exodus

God is no stranger to rescue. He rescued Jacob and his family from famine and drought when he used the pain of Joseph to provide for them in Egypt. After that miraculous rescue they stayed as aliens in a foreign land for over 400 years. In that time their small family grew to the size of a nation and became oppressed and enslaved. They once again needed rescue. And God sent them a deliverer. His rescue was even more miraculous. But just because you have been freed, does not make you free. They still needed to discover the land, the purpose, and the identity God had for them.

We are his people, raised up for the adventure we were made for. It is for freedom He has set us free (Gal. 5:1). Are we living in the land, the purpose, and the identity God has spoken over us or are we still living in the wilderness?  We are no longer slaves, but free children of God, blessed with the dreams from our Father. God’s church should be no stranger to rescue. He calls each of us to step boldly into the wild.